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Item # LIT25, Medidor de Vazão Ultrassônico

This compact Transmitter displays, controis and transmits levei. Mount the non-contacting ultrasonic sensor at the top of your tank, and the compact, watertight electronics/display enclosure at a convenient location nearby. Use the built-in signal relay or isolated 4-20mA to transmit levei to a PLC, and the Display as a local indicator. Features a simple, built-in menu/calibration system, temperature compensation, and self-tunes to extended sensor cable lengths. LIT25 - the ideal indicating, controlling smart levei transmitter for tank levei systems.



The LIT25 Levei Indicating Transmitter features a 4-20mA output rated up to 1000 ohms. This output is isolated and ready for direct connection to your PLC or Controller.


Mount the watertight display enclosure at a convenient location where the large, 4-digit LCD Display is visible to Operators. Use the built-in Keypad for calibration without climbing the Tank.


Use the LIT25 signal Relay output to control pumps and alarms. Calibrate for levei, echo loss or temperature alarm.


  • Low Cost
  • Isolated 4-20mA Output
  • Large LCD Display
  • Programmable Signal Relay
  • Non-Contacting Sensor
  • Watertight Enclosure
  • Built-in Keypad Calibrator