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Item # SLT32, Medidor de Vazão Ultrassônico

Use this powerful new instrument to continuously measure, display, transmit and control levei in tanks and pumping stations, or to monitor and totalize Open Channel flow through any flume or weir. Features a user-friendly keypad calibration system, two digital displays, and isolated 4-20mA output, electrical surge protection and a watertight enclosure. Inciudes a non-contacting ultrasonic sensor which is rated intrinsically safe with optional safety barrier, and built-in temperature compensation for high accuracy. Options include extra control relays and a 50,000 point data logger.


Use it for Level

Specify SLT32 for inventory monitoring and levei control of chemicals, wastewater, viscous or corrosive liquids. Built-in control relays are programmable for pump control, pump alternation and levei alarms.

Use it for Flow

Displays, transmits and totalizes wastewater flow through any flume or weir. Features a simple, password protected calibration system, automatic totalizer and flow proportionate control relays.

No maintenance Sensor

Each SLT32 includes a non-contacting ultrasonic sensor which mounts above the material being measured.There is no contact and no moving parts. The sensor is sealed to withstand accidental submersion and rated for hazardous locations with optionai intrinsic safety barrier.


  • Monitors Levei or Open Channel Flow
  • Displays and Totalizes
  • Isolated 4-20mA
  • False Echo Rejection
  • Intrinsically Safe Sensor Option